Easy check-in day and night in three languages


Check-in is fully automatic with us. See if a suitable place is free for you and book your time at the machine.

The check-in machine is located in the little wooden house right next to the barrier upon arrival.

First select your desired language in the menu selection and then follow the instructions in a very simple and self-explanatory way.

Load your card with credit for electricity and sanitary block use with the selection menu. Credit and €5.00 card deposit are automatically booked back on departure.

Payment can be made with Maestro, Mastercard, Visa or V-Pay, via a control panel that you know from a normal EC machine. If you wish, you can have a receipt printed out after the payment process has been completed.

On the right-hand side, your personal key card comes out, with which you can open the barrier and also gain access to our sanitary building.

24h automatic pay station in three languages

  • German
  • English
  • Dutch

Press the desired button on the left

The options on the vending machine.

If you are new, press REGISTER now at the top left.

If you already have a key card, you can also extend your pitch here later, reload the prepaid card with money or return it when you leave.

Fee 14,00 Euro per day.

Choose the duration of your stay now. From 1 to 5 days, everything is possible. If you want to stay longer, simply book again on the fifth day.

After this step comes the payment process. Maestro, Mastercard, Visa and V-Pay are possible. Unfortunately, cash payment is not possible.

You will receive two receipts. Please hang one of the receipts in a clearly visible position in your camper.

The automatic barrier.

Please drive exactly into the marked field in front of the barrier,

hold your newly acquired key card against the pillar next to the motorhome.

The barrier will open and you can drive to your pitch.

We wish you a great stay with us.

At your pitch, please dial your electricity connection. At the electricity pillar, simply press your number and hold the card up to the reader. Your credit will be booked from the card to the pillar.

When you leave, remove the power cable, you will then see when the button lights up red that there is still a remaining credit on the pillar. Now press the Booking back button and hold your card in front of the reader. Now the power button is green and the credit is booked back onto your card.

When you have exited, please check out at the machine. Follow the machine's instructions and your remaining balance and the card deposit will be refunded to your bank card.