Treat yourself to something for your health and well-being. Conny will be happy to advise you!


In Conny’s wellness temple, you can really let yourself be pampered.

On Fridays and Saturdays, you can also get a new haircut, new hair colour or a perm from hairdresser Conny. Men can have their beards trimmed or cut. Ear piercing is also offered.

Are you in pain? Try magnetic field therapy with a magnetic field mat. Areas of application are, for example, general pain conditions, wound healing, bone fracture healing, joint diseases, spinal diseases, osteoporosis, sports injuries, dizziness, tinnitus. The professional magnetic field mat can be used lying down or sitting up.

Appointments and questions under: Phone 04182-4893 or 0171-3120029.

Cutting Re-cutting (wash, cut, blow dry)25,00
Cutting Re-cutting (wash, cut, blow dry with brush)40,00
Perm incl. cut, setting lotion and spray85,00
Perm Surcharge for Long Hair10,00
Colour recolouration (4cm. attachment)35,00
Colour of attachment (2cm. attachment)25,00
Colour foil strands (per strand)2,00
Colour bonnet strands or comb strands15,00-35,00
Quick cure, special shampooIncluding
Pack (10 min.)5,00
Dyeing brows and eyelashes5,00-10,00
Pluck eyebrows3,00-5,00
Cutting Recutting (wash, cut, blow-dry)17,00
Perm incl. cut55,00
Perm Surcharge for long Hair10,00
Colour Recolouration15,00-35,00
Colour strands15,00-35,00
Beard trimming5,00-15,00
Beard shave15,00
Quick cure, special shampooIncluding
Pack (10 min.)5,00
Hair tonic2,00
Ear piercing incl. ear studs, painless, sterile and nickel-free15,00
Magnetic field therapy with professional Promag magnetic field mat (30 minutes)15,00